All About Invisalign

Align Technology, Inc. is a global medical-device company that pioneered the invisible-orthodontics market with the introduction of the Invisalign® system, a clear, removable orthodontic-treatment option for straightening teeth.

Invisalign products combine proprietary software and a series of medical-grade plastic appliances called “aligners” to move teeth in stages as determined by the treating doctor. Although treatment time varies by patient, on average a patient requires one full year of treatment—equivalent to 24 sets of aligners.

Founded in 1997, Align began its first commercial sales of Invisalign to orthodontists in 1999 and soon after launched a U.S. national consumer-advertising campaign. By late 2001, Align had manufactured one million aligners. In 2002, Invisalign was made available to general dentists, and by mid-2003 dental schools began adding Invisalign to their curriculum. Today, Align Technology provides exclusive education events at more than 60 universities worldwide.  In the same year, it achieved a manufacturing milestone of 15 million aligners.

Today, Invisalign has evolved into an increasingly mainstream treatment option. To date, Align Technology has

  • trained more than 59,000 doctors
  • manufactured more than 44 million unique Invisalign aligners
  • started more than 1,160,000 patients in treatment
  • compiled a well-defended intellectual property portfolio that includes more than 160 patents worldwide